North Croatia, 16-21 May 2011


For a week in May, I was invited to Marija Bistrica in north Croatia to run a workshop on soundwalking methods. Eight artists attended the workshop from Austria, Slovakia, and Croatia, with the aim of producing a soundwalk piece based on original recordings from the Peasant’s Revolt Museum in Gornja Stubica.
The workshop was part of a larger pan-European project called the Time Inventors’ Kabinet, which is focused on ecology, media art, and perceptions of time.

recording croatia

We spent a day recording at the Museum, and a further day and a half editing all our recordings together to create a 10 minute sound piece. The results I think are good, considering the short amount of time and the number of people involved, each with their own idea of the direction the piece should take. Here is the final piece:

Peasant’s Revolt Museum (10.09)

Aside from the Museum work a few other activities took place, which made for a busy but interesting week. One afternoon, I gave a talk to students at the Academy of Arts at the University of Zagreb, who are working under the guidance of Ivan Ladislav Galeta, a Croatian media artist.

I spoke for an hour on soundwalking and sonic mapping, and how these methods are interesting from artistic and research perspectives.
On Saturday 21st, a conference was held at Zelena Dvorana, an art and cultural centre in a town called Zabok. I was one of the speakers, alongside Ivan Ladislav Galeta, Nina Czegledy, and Reni Hofmuller. The theme, as you can see from the poster above, was new media art and ecology, and the talks ranged from food and art to why artists should stop producing land art. A month-long installation at the centre of my Old Town soundwalk also opened during the conference.

Overlooking Marija Bistrica

I had only a little time to make sound recordings not connected to the collaborative sound piece. The following are my favourite of these, all recorded in Marija Bistrica.

Cicadas and Scops Owl (3.28):

Recorded at about 8pm on a warm evening on a hillside overlooking the town

Basilica bells (1.20)

9pm bells from outside the Basilica Holy Virgin Mary

Kaj Hotel band (17.07):

What happens when a group of Croatian librarians at a conference want to let their hair down in the evening?


Marija Bistrica town square

Town square fountain (3.30)

Late evening next to the town square fountain with a few cars driving by


Kaj Hotel balcony (4.07)

From my balcony at dusk

I’d like to thank all the wonderful people I worked with and met during my stay. Special thanks to Kruno Jost, Barbara Huber, Martina Kedrova, Mimoza Vuthaj, and Michal Cudrnak for all their hard work throughout the week.


  1. kruno
    June 7, 2011

    it was pleasure to have you in CRO, hope to see you again soon, and hopefully with more days for our activities!

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