Brussels, 16-19 June 2011


Following on from my trip to Croatia in May, I was invited to Brussels by Annemie Maes, a multimedia artist and curator based at OKNO. OKNO are one of the principle organizations behind the Time Inventors’ Kabinet project, which the Croatia trip formed a part of. I gave a lecture on urban ecological restoration (based on my PhD research), and led a workshop on soundwalks (more information on the latter here).

I had some time off during my stay, and took the opportunity to explore the city and do some recordings. The following have been recorded binaurally, which creates an effect that must be listened back through headphones.


Inside a rooftop beehive, Rue de Flandre (10:09)

Antiques market in the shadow of Eglise Notre Dame du Sablon, Rue Bodenbroek (2:43)


Water fountains at the Royal Library of Belgium garden (1:46)

Waiting for the train to Herzele at Brussels Central station (9:20)


Soundcheck for Fête de la Musique and birds overhead, Parc de Bruxelles (6:32)

Fête de la Musique soundcheck and a wedding party near a fountain, Parc de Bruxelles (2:34)


Walking among stalls at the vast Sunday market near Brussels South train station (10:00)

Sunday market at the end of market trading near competing fruit and vegetable sellers (3:00)


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