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For the TIK Festival in Brussels (May 11-13th 2012), I produced a sound map that sonically traces the area between Q-O2/ OKNO and Thurn & Taxis to the north west of Brussels, using GPS located field recordings. Recordings were produced and edited on the 9th and 10th of May, and installed at Q-02 as an interactive sound installation for the duration of the festival. To listen to a recording, simply click on a numbered dot and press play. See below for a key and description of the recordings.

Yellow = Stereo microphone recordings
Red = Contact microphone recordings
Blue = Hydrophone (under water) recordings
Pink = Coil pickup recordings

1. A pigeon coos under the bridge; other bird species sing from trees; rain drips
2. Trains pass; vehicles travel overhead on wet roads; birds sing
3. Rain falls through mature trees; birds sing; trains pass
4. Water gushes underground, heard through an open storm drain; an aeroplane passes
5. Construction work echoes around the open area of Thurn & Taxis
6. Circular saws cut, hammering; diggers; a carrion crow calls
7. Vehicles rumble on cobble streets; a group of school children chant
8. A boat passes on the canal; construction work is faint in the distance; emergency sirens sound
9. Vehicles pass on either side of the canal; people walk and talk
10. Vehicles pass; people talk
11. People talk; children play football; pigeon wings flap
12. Cars park; people talk; a plastic bag rustles
13. Vehicles pass through Leopold II tunnel
14. Someone shovels sand from the pavement and sweeps debris; vehicles pass
15. A car door closes; distant sirens wail; car horns sound; birds sing over vehicles passing
16. Birds call; leaves rustle in the wind; doors slam; vehicles pass; a circular saw cuts wood
17. Air is pushed out of an extraction fan at ground level, then shuts off
18. Inside one of the large sheds at Tour & Taxis a clown school takes place, and children play in a football tournament
19. Sounds from a car garage; cars pass; people talk; distant sirens sound; birds sing
20. Cars pass; children’s voices can be heard from a nearby building; an aeroplane passes
21. Rain drips from church guttering onto empty beer cans; children play football
22. People walk and talk
23. Vehicles pass; children talk; birds sing
24. Water circulates through a water feature in a public square
25. A handrail along the canal vibrates
26. A contact microphone picks up the sound of a rotating wind turbine along the canal
27. Water currents 2 metres under the canal; passing traffic can occasionally be heard
28. Electricity passes through a pedestrian crossing sign, producing different tones as it changes from green to red and back again
29. The rhythmic motor of an advertisement billboard
30. Bubbles of gas rise to the surface of puddles and gullies; sirens and birds can faintly be heard
31. Vehicles pass along a bridge
32. A contact microphone picks up wind swaying tree braches
33. A contact microphone picks up wind swaying a tree trunk
34. Wind passes through a metal fence
35. Electricity at a subway stop, including an advertising hoarding and a ticket machine