Below are walking directions and streaming audio recordings for the tour. Once you are located outside the front door of NN Contemporary Art, play the first track.

1. NN Contemporary Art

From NN Contemporary Art, turn right and walk along Guildhall Road and cross the road in front of you. Enter the courtyard of the Guildhall. If the courtyard is inaccessible, stop in front of the Guildhall.

2. The Guildhall

Exit the courtyard and turn left on to St Giles Street. Turn left on to Fish Street and walk until you reach the the Grosvenor Centre. Enter the Grosvenor Centre and walk until you reach BHS which will be on your right. Face BHS and play the next track.

3. The Grosvenor Centre

Walk through the doors immediately to your left, and stop anywhere in the covered passageway before playing the next track.

4. Passageway

Continue walking straight through the passageway until you reach Lady’s Lane. Cross this road at the traffic lights, turn left, and walk along Lady’s Lane. Turn right on Victoria Street and walk until you reach Church Lane. Cross this road and enter the graveyard to the rear of the Church of the Holy Sepulchre.

5. The Church of the Holy Sepulchre

Exit the graveyard through the way that you entered, and turn left on to Church Lane. When you reach Upper Mounts, cross it, turn right, and walk along this road. Turn left on to St. Michael’s Road, then left on Overstone Road. Stop at the point where Overstone Road and Dunster Street intersect.

6. The Factories: Overstone Road/ Dunster Street

Re-trace your steps and turn left on to Lower Mounts. Keep walking along Lower Mounts, then along York Road. Walking along York Road, the first path to your right will be a small alley; walk through this alley to enter the grounds of St. Giles Church. Stop anywhere in the graveyard.

7. St. Giles Church

Exit the front gate of the churchyard. Cross Spencer Parade and walk along Spring Gardens. At the end of Spring Gardens, turn left on Derngate. Cross Derngate then cross Victoria Promenade to enter Becket’s Park. Stand beside the metal sculpture of a snail before playing the final track.

8. Snail sculpture