Hebdomadal sound project: July 2016

Week 30
Nant Fawr woods and Llanishen Reservoir
July 27th, 5.00-5.30pm

If you follow a path to the north of Roath Park, you can get to a small patch of woodland called Nant Fawr woods, a community woodland owned by Cardiff council with a sinuous stream running through it, which I recorded:


Further to the north are Lisvane and Llanishen reservoirs. These two reservoirs were constructed in the 1880s to create a fresh water source for Cardiff, from which extraction continued until the 1970s. After recently avoiding being drained and developed upon, the reservoirs are now owned by Welsh Water for water extraction, with plans to open them up for public access. The following recording was made near to perimeter fencing surrounding Llanishen reservoir that prevents close access to the water.


Setup: 2 DPA 4060 lavalier mics in stereo position to Sound Devices 702

Week 29
Pontcanna Fields, Cardiff
July 21st, 8.00pm

This is a very subtle recording from a large expanse of parkland to the west bank of the River Taff called Pontcanna Fields. From a distance, you can hear horses from the nearby riding school, a game of football, a cricket match, dogs barking, a light breeze through trees, various bird species (including, briefly, some swallows overhead), and some light rain at the end.


Setup: 2 DPA 4060 lavalier mics in stereo position to Sound Devices 702

Week 28
Ants, Flaxland Avenue allotment
July 9th, 5.30pm

I’ve recently taken on an allotment plot, which was in need of a lot of clearing to get it into shape for planting. By disturbing the soil I’ve come across a few large ant nests; one of them (consisting of a species of red ant) was located near to a piece of discarded wood from a palette. I attached a contact microphone to the wood and recorded hundreds of worker ants swarming it; you can hear them sending out a warning call to one other (through stridulation), and many little feet walking across the wood and microphone.


Setup: 1 mono contact microphone in stereo position to Sound Devices 702

Week 27
Pedalo, Roath Park Lake
July 6th, 1.40pm

This week’s recording is from onboard a two-person pedalo on Roath Park Lake, on a warm, windless day. Listen out for the swans feeding on algae around the pedalo towards the end of the recording.


Setup: 2 DPA 4060 lavalier mics in stereo position to Sound Devices 702