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Slovak National Gallery audio tour, Bratislava, September 2011

In September 2011, I was invited by the Slovak National Gallery in Bratislava to create an audio tour for their exhibition ‘New Slovakia: (difficult) birth of the modern lifestyle, 1918-1949‘. So that the tour would be thematic, in collaboration with the exhibition’s curators I selected a series of images from the exhibition that all depict the Danube River. Recordings of the curators talking about each selected image were made in the Gallery (in front of each image); all other sounds were recorded along the river using a variety of microphones.
The tour, launched during the 2011 Bratislava Art Festival, could be listened to on headphones installed within the Gallery until January 2012. You can also listen to the whole tour below in tandem with the Danube images.

1. Tour introduction

2. Viliam Malík – Old Bridge in Bratislava after Demolition (1945) / From the Repatriates Cycle (1945)

Copyright: Slovak National Gallery/Private collection

3. Interval

4. Štefan Bednár – Embankment under the Castle (1946-1947)

Copyright: Slovak National Gallery

5. Interval 

6. Štefan Tamáš – Danube Fishermen I. (1937 – 1939) / Refreshing (1936)

Copyright: Slovak National Gallery

7. Tour outro

Concept, sound recording, and editing: Jonathan Prior
Slovak interview: Aurel Hrabušický (head curator of photography)
English interview: Lucia Almášiová (assistant curator of photography)
Project facilitation, translation, and intro, intervals and outro voice: Michal Čudrnák
Special thanks to all the staff at the Gallery for assisting me and for being so welcoming during the project