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The Rejoinders, 12 May - 2 June 2018

A group show at G39 gallery, Cardiff, for which I contributed a recording of the dawn and dusk choruses, recorded in Heath Park woodland. These recordings, each 1 hour in duration, are set to play for the first and last hour of the gallery’s opening.
From the blurb on the G39 website

The Rejoinders is a research network between Wales and India, exploring collaborative process. It is an investigative, experimental curatorial project. The research group is formed of creative and critical collaborators with diverse practices and a common interest in exchange.

The Rejoinders will be flexible and playful in their approach to the outputs of this collaboration, but it is envisioned that they have potential to include diverse forms of collaborative conversation – a library, an artist bus tour in each city, two community gardens, a simultaneous dinner, a perfume exchange – any or all of which will be located at and realised with the support of g39.

The research group will create a framework of exchange between two countries and two cities: a collaborative web platform will instigate and support dialogue between India and Wales and act as a repository for the group’s research material. From the multi-layered narratives, philosophies and pedagogies that stem from this platform, the group want a collaborative curatorial model to emerge – a system for operating that exists somewhere between individual discipline and practice-led research.

The Rejoinders is part of the UK / India Year of Culture 2017, partnered with CONA Foundation, Mumbai, and supported the University of Worcester.

The project website is here.